Happy Fathers Day

Father Day CatIt’s Father’s Day here in the United States and a few other places around the world. I’m one of the few kids in the world today who knows his Dad and has a relationship with him.

My relationship though with my Dad hasn’t always been what it is today for many reasons. I spent many years trying to get that quality Dad time with him only to have more moments without it then with it.

Here’s the thing. I never really felt and still don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I look back and while I had my fair share of times without my dad he was always there when I mattered. Continue reading “Happy Fathers Day”

Counting Smiles

Even a smile is an act of charity by SwamibuI’m not sure who said it but I know it was someone a whole lot smarter then me. This person made the correlation between people dating and earning their high school diploma. The idea being that when you are dating someone, you are spending a huge amount of time getting to know them and discovering them.

Over time you figure out if this person is the one for you or not. That step from dating to engagement, which eventually leads to marriage, is when you obtain your high school diploma for that person.

Now we all know that a high school diploma just gets your foot in the door for most things in life. In order to really go far you should probably get a college degree. An Associates will do but a Bachelors will of course open up even more doors for you. From there you can get a Masters and maybe even a Doctrinal degree. Continue reading “Counting Smiles”

Case Of The Monday's

Reassurance By: Secorlew
Reassurance By: Secorlew

Man did I ever have a case of the Monday’s this week. I had a busy weekend but nothing to abnormal for me. But I was kind of in a funk the whole time and just couldn’t jump out of it. My personal time was spent watching movies and fighting with some code for a site I’m working on. I wasn’t reading my bible at all, my prayers where, well whiny and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Monday I woke up and was not looking forward to the week. I felt defeated. I didn’t know what was wrong but I know I had a lot of complaints. My news and Twitter feeds were full of sad stuff like online friends funerals, pastors stepping down, people arguing stupid stuff etc. All this just stacked up on top of me and what I was already fighting.

If truth be told I just wasn’t happy with Gods plan. I wasn’t happy with his timing and I was frustrated. I felt defeated, ignored, and just a lot of other stuff along those lines. Continue reading “Case Of The Monday's”

What's Going On Here?!?!

Endless Journey By h.koppdelaney
Endless Journey By h.koppdelaney

This whole transition from “jonese” to Eric Ryan Jones, or just Eric for those of you who don’t want to type a lot, has been interesting to say the least.

I’ve had people upset because they like “jonese”, others who have given standing ovations because they hated “jonese” and well most of you are either just flat out confused or could care less.

Join the party 🙂 Continue reading “What's Going On Here?!?!”

Welcome To With Arms High

If you’ve found me from any other means other then my old site Jonese.us then I’d suggest you hop back there and read at least the last post and maybe some of the archive.

Go ahead I’ll wait on you.

Ok now that we’ve got that out of the way let me welcome you to my new adventure. So why am I doing this? What is With Arms High? Why did I shut down my old blog, abandon my jonese twitter account and stop referring to myself as jonese? Continue reading “Welcome To With Arms High”