All I Need

Roscoe the Pug With Ice Bag On His Head- Miserable in the Seattle Heat by zoomar

There are so many things I want to say but honestly I can’t even sort them all out myself.

I need some hammock time…
I need some patio time…
I need some Booth time…
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Wisdom In The Clouds

Clouds By Josh Booth
Clouds By Josh Booth

So I am sitting in my hammock swinging away and enjoying a little time with God. It’s a beautiful day but it’s early afternoon and the sun is really beating down on me. So being the sometimes selfish guy I can be, I shout up a little prayer to God for some cloud cover.

There are a ton of clouds around me, so I just asked him to blow a few of the bigger ones over the sun for me.

So picture this.

Here I am swinging back and forth, without a care in the world helping God direct clouds over the sun. Man do I have same gall! Continue reading “Wisdom In The Clouds”

Relationships – Without Wisdom You're Just A Player

Wisdom by WTL photos
Wisdom by WTL photos

A wise man once said….” “A good friend once told me….” “The best advice I ever got….

What do all these little starter sentences have in common? Besides usually being the start to some serious wisdom smack downs, they all typically come from someone much wiser then the person delivering the wisdom.

In my last post we talked about how relationships really start with you. In this one I want to focus on two other important topics. Wisdom & Wise Council.

I look at relationships failing, going the wrong direction, or just struggling and I see a lot of “problems” as an outsider. I see people hiding their struggles and not being real. Conversations, which NEED to happen, are not happening, along with many other “things”. Every single time a relationship starts to go south the first thing people do is turn to the person next to them and ask “What should I do?

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” – Proverbs 15:22

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