Can We Dream Big And Succeed?

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I want to eradicate divorce from our society.

That one sentence is the biggest, scariest and most unbelievable thing which has come from my head. I came up with it while driving home from seeing Donald Miller talk at a recent Christmas event for singles. When I first thought it, it was just that a thought. Then I told myself to do it, and I even made the effort to say it out loud. I had to say it twice in order to believe it myself.

Immediately after saying it my mind started to ask the questions. How? Why? Is it possible? What all will it take? Can it be done? Who will support me? How may people will laugh in my face? How many people will walk away to laugh in private over my dream?

That’s the problem with big idea’s. As soon as we think them up, we start to knock them down to something smaller, something we can manage and maybe even accomplish. I used to think big ideas were the stuff of legends. People with a mountain of cash, political influence and more connections than any world leader. They aren’t the things ordinary, little people like me can accomplish.

I used to think this.

But really who was Martin Luther King? or Gandhi or Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa? They were all ordinary, little people who dared to dream big. They didn’t try to minimize their dreams, they expanded upon them. What if Martin Luther King only wanted to see Civil rights granted in Georgia or Mississippi? How would our world be different today if any of these people, or others like them throughout history stopped just short of a big dream?

I think this is what we do too often in our lives and to our dreams. We stop short, we keep it local and we don’t take the risk. We look at ourselves as one man, or woman, and wonder how? We focus so much on the BIG dream that we forget that our big dreams are made up of many SMALLER dreams.

Martin Luther King started with a bus boycott. A simple act, a simple small dream which grew and grew and even to this day continues to grow. So that’s what I’m gong to do. I’m going to find the small dreams which feed into my big dream.

I am going to eradicate divorce from our society.

2 Replies to “Can We Dream Big And Succeed?”

  1. God speed, Eric…..I know that God hates divorce because it destroys lives and causes pain to his children….I support your plan to eridacate divorce from our society…….

  2. I am also in support of your dream. I was divorced Sept. 2007. Even the separation that came before was devastating to me and now I don't like hearing of others going through the experience and decision. I was just reading other blogs here and asked what is my purpose? Maybe it is to support you in this. Who knows, but I do believe that when 2 or more gather in the name of Jesus, we can achieve.

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