We All Need Somebody

Pod-Of-Sequioas by Eric Ryan Jones

One thing I’m sure about in life is that we cannot do it alone. From the time we are born until the time we pass away we always need somebody.

We might need a friend to hang out with, or a contractor to fix a leaky roof, or a mentor to guide us through a season in life. We might need a woman (or a man) who can inspire us to either grow up, get over ourselves, or to just become whom we know we can become.

God gives us all kinds of examples of this need and design. We see Jesus having 12 disciples instead of just one or none. We see that each of these disciples paired up with another, when doing mission work. We even see this need for somebody in nature. You always hear about flocks, and pods, and herds and more. But what about other nature needs?

During a recent trip to the Sequoia National Forest & the Mariposa Grove near Yosemite National Forest, I started to notice something.

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Only God

Getting Ready For A Hot Summer Day by Kuzeytac

So here we are, almost two months of 2010 gone. I purposefully skipped out on the big “Year In Review” post everyone else did. Not because 2009 was boring, or because nothing major happened but more because so much happened I had to really let it marinate a bit.

2009 was a rebuilding year. A year I continued to rebuild my relationship with my Heavenly Father. A year I continued to rebuild my confidence in who I am and what I will become. It was a year to rebuild friendships lost, damaged or just strained. It was a time for me to fully embrace the ideas God has floating around in my head and put them into action. Continue reading “Only God”

Can We Dream Big And Succeed?

Untitled by dno1967

I want to eradicate divorce from our society.

That one sentence is the biggest, scariest and most unbelievable thing which has come from my head. I came up with it while driving home from seeing Donald Miller talk at a recent Christmas event for singles. When I first thought it, it was just that a thought. Then I told myself to do it, and I even made the effort to say it out loud. I had to say it twice in order to believe it myself.

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Thanks Dad And Other Veterans

Today is Veterans day and people all over the US are either thanking, congratulating or celebrating our men and women who serve in the military. The guy dressed out in camouflage below is my dad during one of his many days serving in the US Army. He’s retired now (full bird Colonel) but still pretty active. He’s what many would consider a lifer, meaning he’s dedicated his life to his chosen profession.

My Dad on the job
My Dad on the job

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Atlanta Flood 2009, The Day The Cleaning Began

1 of 3 dumpsters for 7 houses by Eric Ryan Jones
1 of 3 dumpsters for 7 houses by Eric Ryan Jones

The flood came on Monday. The water started to recede on Tuesday. Damage was assessed and dreams were crushed on Wednesday.

Thursday was the day the cleaning began.

Large dumpsters like you see at a construction site are starting to line the street and fill driveways. They are being filled with photo albums, couches, love seats, picture frames, kids dolls and toys. They are being filled with memories, hopes, dreams and history.

This is not what these dumpsters were meant for. Continue reading “Atlanta Flood 2009, The Day The Cleaning Began”

Today Was A Tough Day

Flooded Street by Eric Ryan Jones
Flooded Street by Eric Ryan Jones

Today was a rough day. It’s been raining here in Georgia for like 8 days straight (on and off). Last night we had some of the worst storms I have ever experienced. The lightening was bright and the thunder sounded like lightning, if that makes any sense. The storm kept me up for a lot of the night and finally woke me around 6 am and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep.

I started to see twitter updates of people not going to work, schools closing and more because of the rain and storms. So I made the decision to stay and work from home to avoid the madness of Atlanta traffic.

At one point I looked out my backyard and saw a pool of water, over the next hour this pool got bigger and was something I’ve seen once or twice. I’ve got a backyard which really slopes off so I wasn’t concerned.

An hour later my backyard was under water. Continue reading “Today Was A Tough Day”

Do You Remember?

A Dark Day by Sister72

How many of us woke up this morning, got ready for work, had breakfast and went into the office, school or on to our daily activities? At what point did you realize what today is? How did you feel at that moment?

For me I woke up immediately knowing what today is and what it was. As soon as I was conscious and able to move around, I’m not a morning person, the images, feelings and thoughts all came flooding back.

I haven’t posted a blog on this day for many reason but today my heart just won’t let it pass without sharing my experience, my thoughts and my hopes.

September 11th, 2001 had me living in Crofton MD and commuting to Silver Spring MD where I worked for an ISP. The day started out like every other day and my commute was like every other commute. Lots of cars, lots of traffic and lots of frustration because yet again traffic was going to put me in the office later than I wanted to be.

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The Simplicity of Contentment

The following is a Guest Post by Megan Hasten. You can learn more about her & her adventures on her blog “I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You“.

Sea by macieklew

After being newly married to a supportive and devoted husband for several months, contentment came up in conversation. Jay asked me if I was satisfied with our life. The question hit me hard because while my first inclination was to say, “Of course!” I realized I’d never really felt satisfaction before. Honestly, I think it’s a lifestyle more than something you acquire, but still, I’d never lived satisfaction. There was always a next step that was going to make everything better, something else to strive for and work for.

I look back and realize, in so many ways, that mentality stole from me things I will never get back because I never stopped to look side to side and smile at how far the Lord had brought me. I didn’t want the trend to continue, so I scoured the Word for every verse or mention of satisfaction and came to one very un-American conclusion, which I’m sure I’ll get hate mail for. Continue reading “The Simplicity of Contentment”

All I Need

Roscoe the Pug With Ice Bag On His Head- Miserable in the Seattle Heat by zoomar

There are so many things I want to say but honestly I can’t even sort them all out myself.

I need some hammock time…
I need some patio time…
I need some Booth time…
I need some time… Continue reading “All I Need”