Wisdom In The Clouds

Clouds By Josh Booth
Clouds By Josh Booth

So I am sitting in my hammock swinging away and enjoying a little time with God. It’s a beautiful day but it’s early afternoon and the sun is really beating down on me. So being the sometimes selfish guy I can be, I shout up a little prayer to God for some cloud cover.

There are a ton of clouds around me, so I just asked him to blow a few of the bigger ones over the sun for me.

So picture this.

Here I am swinging back and forth, without a care in the world helping God direct clouds over the sun. Man do I have same gall! Continue reading “Wisdom In The Clouds”

Compassion, Mocha And Justice

About a year ago, when I was first getting involved with Buckhead Church, a bunch of us would gather at the local StarBucks before church. It was a time for us to catch up on everyone’s week, talk about life etc and generally just prepare for church that day.

International Justice Day - Mocha Club
International Justice Day - Mocha Club

Over time our group grew larger and larger and finally got to a point where we felt like it would be cool to do something “different”. So my buddy Aubrey came up with the fantastic idea to raise money for the Mocha Club. So we set up a Facebook group and called ourselves the StarBuckHeads. We got all our friends on the group and then sent them a tantalizing message to show up early this coming Sunday.

We had a huge response to our little campaign and we were able to raise about $250! Which isn’t bad for a bunch of 20 & 30 something’s at the last minute. Aubrey even built us a little web site to make taking donations easier and I like to think it really started something long term for some of those people.

Well time has passed and while some of us still gather on Sundays many of us have moved onto other service times, other locations around the world or just other endeavors. But this little act of kindness still sticks with me.

In fact it’s kind of haunted me to do more. Continue reading “Compassion, Mocha And Justice”

Baptism, Is It Required?

Iraq: Baptism by slagheap
Iraq: Baptism by slagheap

On my old blog I ran this post and got a great comment from an anonymous visitor. My anonymous visitor has some great thoughts and questions in the comments and we’ve talked via my comment system from time to time.

About a week or so ago I got this comment on that same post:

Hey – it’s me “Anonymous” again. I had bookmarked this in my favorites and again was doing some research about Christianity and wanted to get your thoughts or recommendations about where I can get some more insight. I’m having trouble with the “Christian” belief that only Christians are saved and going to heaven. I also am trying to learn more about baptism and being saved. I’ve read many places that you don’t have to be baptized to be saved, but if this is the case, why are some Christians forcing it on me? I don’t feel comfortable doing it because I don’t think I need to do it if it’s going to cause so many problems for my family. I also believe I already have a relationship with God, and that he loves me. Exactly the way I am. Baptized or not. He knows me inside and out and understands everything I am going through when no one else seems to. I also disagree with the belief that only those who are Christian will get to heaven, because it imples that the majority of the people in my life are going to hell. While they do believe in God, and are good people, they grew up with different religions and choose to have a relationship with God that way.

What’s great about this comment is that I struggled with all of these same thoughts and emotions leading up to my Baptism on June 22nd 2008. Continue reading “Baptism, Is It Required?”

What's Going On Here?!?!

Endless Journey By h.koppdelaney
Endless Journey By h.koppdelaney

This whole transition from “jonese” to Eric Ryan Jones, or just Eric for those of you who don’t want to type a lot, has been interesting to say the least.

I’ve had people upset because they like “jonese”, others who have given standing ovations because they hated “jonese” and well most of you are either just flat out confused or could care less.

Join the party 🙂 Continue reading “What's Going On Here?!?!”

Welcome To With Arms High

If you’ve found me from any other means other then my old site Jonese.us then I’d suggest you hop back there and read at least the last post and maybe some of the archive.

Go ahead I’ll wait on you.

Ok now that we’ve got that out of the way let me welcome you to my new adventure. So why am I doing this? What is With Arms High? Why did I shut down my old blog, abandon my jonese twitter account and stop referring to myself as jonese? Continue reading “Welcome To With Arms High”