Counting Smiles

Even a smile is an act of charity by SwamibuI’m not sure who said it but I know it was someone a whole lot smarter then me. This person made the correlation between people dating and earning their high school diploma. The idea being that when you are dating someone, you are spending a huge amount of time getting to know them and discovering them.

Over time you figure out if this person is the one for you or not. That step from dating to engagement, which eventually leads to marriage, is when you obtain your high school diploma for that person.

Now we all know that a high school diploma just gets your foot in the door for most things in life. In order to really go far you should probably get a college degree. An Associates will do but a Bachelors will of course open up even more doors for you. From there you can get a Masters and maybe even a Doctrinal degree.

The point is simple. Never stop learning about your spouse or significant other. The moment you stop learning about them, the moment you stop discovering them guess what happens?

They become boring. They become plain. They become just another “person” in your life.

Think about yourself a week ago. Are you the same person? How about a month? 6 months? a year? 6 years?

No you are constantly evolving, changing, growing and developing as a person. So why do you think your spouse would not be doing the same thing? Even if it appears they aren’t “doing” anything their mind is working. Opinions are being formed and changed. Views they once held might be different today. Conversations you had when you were dating could have completely different meanings and context today.

You owe it to yourself to be constantly discovering your spouse or significant other. But here’s a radical idea for those of us not dating anyone. Try this same tactic on your friends, your family and as scary as it sounds, yourself.

A person who truly cares about another person wants to know the details. Details like how many smiles someones has.