Below is my humble attempt to answer some of the more common or not-so-common questions about this site. Hopefully they will answer some questions you might have but if not, drop me an email and I’ll be happy to talk with you. I might even post your question here.

Q. Why the name “With Arms High”, aren’t you afraid of B.O.?

A. I use Old Spice High Endurance so B.O. will not be a problem on this blog, but some of my posts might stink, I’m not perfect remember. As for the name it’s got some serious religious undertones (imagine that). There are two songs which when I hear them total fill me with emotion and conviction.

The first is “Glory To God” by Steve Fee. See Steve perform it acoustically on YouTube.

The Second is “The Stand” by Hillsong United. Catch it as a hand drawn video on YouTube.

Both these songs have lines in them which talk about surrender. In Glory to God the key verse for me is “Take my life and let it be. All for you and for your glory. Take my life and let it be yours“. In The Stand it’s “So I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned. In awe of the One who gave it all

Both of these songs are about surrender and living your life for Him and not for me. This blog is all about my surrender, my journey, my faith. It’s about me but it’s here to honor God.

Q. Where do you attend church?

A. On Sundays you can typically find me at the 6pm service for Buckhead Church in Atlanta GA. Occasionally I go to the 11 am service but I prefer the 6pm for many reasons.

Q. Are you a pastor, minister, or church staffer.

A. Nope. I’m just a normal guy who has a heart for God and tries to do what I can for His kingdom. I lead a Divorce Recovery group (called Oasis) and have also volunteered in many of the Single ministries (fusion etc) and currently lead a Divorced Mens Small Group. I have a passion for relationships and desire those around me to have the best relationships (family, friends, social, and romantic) they can, while also glorifying God with those relationships.

Q. You seem to not have a problem talking about God. If I meet you on the street are you going to save my soul or beat me up about how bad I am?

A. Not at all. While I believe we all have a mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ and the salvation found in him I don’t believe this is something which should be forced or pressured upon anyone. I’ll gladly share my testimonial with you, answer your questions the best I can, and even offer guidance and direction but I will not force you to go down a path you don’t want to. I’ll pray for you and even debate you and when all is said and done I’ll love you just like I love everyone else around me. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, even if you don’t believe.

Q. Most divorced people I meet hide their divorce but you seem to bring it up and actually label yourself as a Divorced Single Christian. Why?

A. It’s who I am. I am Divorced, I am Single and I am a Christian. People often hide from labeling themselves as divorced because our society, especially the church, has seen it as a Scarlet Letter. But for me it has become my Red Badge of Courage. It is where God has called me to minister, to grow and to help heal myself and those I come in contact with. God and the Bible do not like divorce, but there are instances where it’s allowed. No matter what though divorced people need to heal, to be loved and to learn how to move forward in their lives.

Q. Why did you stop posting at your old site Jonese.us?

A. That phase of my life needed to end. It was the old me and not who I really am anymore. With Arms High is who I am today and will continue to be moving forward. A man fully surrender to God. You can still see my old posts as well as a further description as to why I stopped posting there.

Q. Are you a Jesus freak? Cause I’ll be honest those people really weird me out.

A. Yes, prepare to be weirded out. BUT I’m not here to tell you your faults or issues or to “fix” you. I’m just as broken, messed up, and confused as you. Read my posts and you’ll see we, Jesus freaks, really aren’t that much different then you. Who knows maybe someday you’ll be a Jesus Freak as well, the benefits are great and honestly the pay isn’t so bad either.

Q. You seem to have an odd sense of humor, how can I take you seriously?

A. You can’t and you shouldn’t. I talk a lot and write even more. I have my ideas and my views on a lot of stuff but they are just that mine. The Bible has the real answers and I try to back up my “thoughts” with truth in the Bible as much as I can. As for my humor it’s a way for me to deflect my insecurities. It’s a weakness and something I struggle with but it’s me 100% uncensored, but slightly filtered.

Q. Is there anyone else you’d suggest I follow or blogs I should read?

A. Oh yea. There are many people I respect and who’ve helped shape my voice, my surrender and more. They don’t know what they’ve done but each one has a special place in my heart and my journey. Here is a list of those you should be consuming.

Q. What are you passionate about and why?

A. Well you don’t hold back do you! Ok passions.

  • Photography – Because I love capturing God’s creation.
  • Guitar – I suck at it but I’m passionately sucky.
  • Divorce Ministry – Divorce is scary, painful, and down right horrible. It needs more compassion, truth and guidance. It’s a place churches can minister and love on people but it tends to be one of the “lesser” ministries because of all the negativity and stigmata associated with divorce.
  • Relationships – I spent 32 years doing all types of relationships wrong. Family, friendships, social and romantic. Lucky for me I have the rest of my life to learn to do them right, and to help others with the same.
  • People – I love hearing peoples stories and being an encouragement to them and their lives both in a spiritual and non spiritual way. I’m someone who’ll be happy letting you unload all your problems on me and can either voice my thoughts or just give you a hug afterward and tell you it’ll be OK. Truth is it will be OK, always. Don’t believe me, then let’s have coffee.

Q. Do you own a Starbucks? What’s your drink of choice?

A. No but I probably could with the amount of time and money I’ve invested in hanging out there. I just really love the atmosphere, the people watching and the opportunities God has provided me by being there. I always get a No-Whip Hazelnut Moca with a side of Pumpkin Loaf. My favorite Starbucks is lovingly referred to as St. Arbucks and is within walking distance of my church. You can find me there most Sunday afternoons typing away on my laptop or hanging with cool people.

Got your own question? Drop me a line and let’s talk.

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