I love hackers…

If you’ve been to this site in the past week i want to apologize. Recently my old host was hacked and this site along with many others were compromised with malicious code. This code was not hosted on my account but instead you would have been redirected to another site which hosted the malicious code.

I’ve since moved this site to a new host and put in place some safeguards to prevent this from happening in the future.

Again I apologize and hope you continue to check me out in future posts.

3 Replies to “I love hackers…”

    1. Yes it was dreamhost… it wasn’t an issue with the image code (timthumb?) as this was more of a root level compromise.

  1. I had this same thing happen to one of my ventures… 2 times in 3 weeks before we decided to change hosts. It’s no fun, but it can definitely be a learning experience. I came up with a new motto in the process:

    “When life hands you lemons, throw them suckers in a blender with some ice and RED Bull and make something awesome!”


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