Only God

Getting Ready For A Hot Summer Day by Kuzeytac

So here we are, almost two months of 2010 gone. I purposefully skipped out on the big “Year In Review” post everyone else did. Not because 2009 was boring, or because nothing major happened but more because so much happened I had to really let it marinate a bit.

2009 was a rebuilding year. A year I continued to rebuild my relationship with my Heavenly Father. A year I continued to rebuild my confidence in who I am and what I will become. It was a year to rebuild friendships lost, damaged or just strained. It was a time for me to fully embrace the ideas God has floating around in my head and put them into action.

2010 is going to be all about action. I will and am doing stuff in 2010, while 2009 was just a lot of talk. But I can’t do it alone. I can’t just wake up, walk out the door or drive to a meeting and expect my charm, whit, smarts or words to make things happen.

I need more.

I’m someone who’s recently (since 2008) put a lot on God and His will. I’ve surrendered a lot to him and I’m in the process every day of surrendering more and more. I’ve always said I do the things I do for His Kingdom but I never realized just how much He has done for me.

As I look back on 2009, and even 2008, the words of Jeff Henderson ring in my ears…… “Only God”. This was what Jeff asked of our church during a night of worship in January. My church had just completed 21 days of various forms of fasting, all in hopes to inspire our congregation to grow closer on their dependence of God. He prayed that at the end of 2010 we would look back at 2010 and think “Wow, only God could have done that”.

What’s crazy is that I looked back on 2009 and thought about where I was, where I had been and the journey I’m on now¬†and thought only God.

Only God could truly heal me from my divorce.
Only God could have allowed me to be born into the loving and compassionate family I have.
Only God could have taken my plea for help and surrender seriously enough to act on it.
Only God could have given me the friends and relationships I have now.
Only God could have taken what i thought were challenges in life and turned them into blessings.
Only God could have given me the passion for divorced people, relationships and communication I’m experiencing today
Only God could have turned a guy once scared to death of church into a poster child for getting involved.
Only God could have shown me how patience and trust could have lead me to a point I never saw coming.

I’m not a month and a half into 2010 and I’ve already seen God working in amazing and wonderful ways. So what can you expect for 2010? I have no idea for sure but I do know that when it all happens I’ll look back with a shout and much praise singing ….. Only God……