Between this and this I’m at a loss for words really. This post doesn’t even get a picture because the one I’d post would probably be really mean.

Joel Thomas recently gave a sermon on Proverbs 12:1. He sumed it up with a simple phrase.

Don’t Be Stupid.

If you’ve read my old blog you already know I’m divorced. If you haven’t then check out these posts and catch up.

So needless to say these recent events have me pretty “opininated” I’m keeping my mouth shut for now, letting God marinate my thoughts before I stick them on the web for all to see.

Mmm imagine that, a guy thinking about his actions before he does something stupid. Maybe I should call these two families up and invite them to coffee…

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  1. Ya I live in SC, you can imagine how dejected I was when I found out that our governor, the one we trust to lead us, was having an affair in Argentina…

    How did his entire staff fail to realize that he logged a passport, paid a ticket, and was on a plane out of the country. Ineptitude. Very sad.

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