Not Happy Upgrade!

Old Yellow Truck by eqqman
Old Yellow Truck by eqqman

I’m a computer geek, and Internet geek, and a gadget geek. Yes I’m a super geek and proud of it. Being a geek and especially one who’s easily swayed by shiny gadgets, blinking lights, and the idea that there is “an app for that” I upgrade often. I don’t wait around for a new Internet browser I download beta and developer versions so I can play now. When a new version of software comes out I’m upgrading that same day. New hardware released and I’m plotting how much I can sell my old for to lower the cost of the new. I’ve always been one to upgrade as soon as something better came out. With computers this was an expensive hobby so I had to put boundaries in place to keep it under control. Same thing goes for video game systems, software, etc.

It’s not all geek stuff though, look around at your own life and you’ll find stuff you upgrade. VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray. Cassette tapes, to CD’s to MP3’s to streaming radio. 1st car junker, to sports car to family car back to sports car. bunk beds to futon to twin to a queen or king sized bed. Continue reading “Not Happy Upgrade!”

Can We Dream Big And Succeed?

Untitled by dno1967

I want to eradicate divorce from our society.

That one sentence is the biggest, scariest and most unbelievable thing which has come from my head. I came up with it while driving home from seeing Donald Miller talk at a recent Christmas event for singles. When I first thought it, it was just that a thought. Then I told myself to do it, and I even made the effort to say it out loud. I had to say it twice in order to believe it myself.

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Let's Talk Relationships….

It began as a beautiful relationship by Steve took it
It began as a beautiful relationship by Steve took it

There are a lot of things I want to say about what went down with all the recent high profile relationship disasters. Just to recap in the recent months we’ve seen the following go down:

  • Jon & Kate begin the Divorce process
  • South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford caught in a relationship with a woman from Argentina
  • Chris Brown & Rhianna have domestic problems
  • Billy Joel filed for Divorce
  • Usher filed for Divorce
  • Mel Gibson filed for divorce
  • and many many more….

Out of all this it’s not a surprise to see the divorce rate in America climbing. As a divorced man I have a lot of emotions, feelings and of course opinions about a lot of those people listed above. I also have my fair share of thoughts for those non celebrity divorces occurring without the headlines and media presence. Continue reading “Let's Talk Relationships….”