How Have I Failed You?

Oops! by ktpupp

In life we love to point the finger. We love to say that this person wronged us. Or that this relationship failed because they did or did not do X, Y or Z. The blame game is rampant and even when we try not to point the finger we still end up putting blame elsewhere. I struggle a lot with the blame game. I constantly look for fault in others when things go wrong. I say things like “they just aren’t ready”, or “their spiritual maturity is not where it needs to be” and more. I looked at the situation and instead of looking at myself and my role I found something in the other person to justify their actions.

It wasn’t till after my divorce that I started to ask the question “How have I failed you”. For a long time there I was really good at doing this much-needed gut check. But over time my humility has shrunk and I’ve asked it less and less.

My pride didn’t allow me to see my faults.

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