The Simplicity of Contentment

The following is a Guest Post by Megan Hasten. You can learn more about her & her adventures on her blog “I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You“.

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After being newly married to a supportive and devoted husband for several months, contentment came up in conversation. Jay asked me if I was satisfied with our life. The question hit me hard because while my first inclination was to say, “Of course!” I realized I’d never really felt satisfaction before. Honestly, I think it’s a lifestyle more than something you acquire, but still, I’d never lived satisfaction. There was always a next step that was going to make everything better, something else to strive for and work for.

I look back and realize, in so many ways, that mentality stole from me things I will never get back because I never stopped to look side to side and smile at how far the Lord had brought me. I didn’t want the trend to continue, so I scoured the Word for every verse or mention of satisfaction and came to one very un-American conclusion, which I’m sure I’ll get hate mail for. Continue reading “The Simplicity of Contentment”