Today Was A Tough Day

Flooded Street by Eric Ryan Jones
Flooded Street by Eric Ryan Jones

Today was a rough day. It’s been raining here in Georgia for like 8 days straight (on and off). Last night we had some of the worst storms I have ever experienced. The lightening was bright and the thunder sounded like lightning, if that makes any sense. The storm kept me up for a lot of the night and finally woke me around 6 am and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep.

I started to see twitter updates of people not going to work, schools closing and more because of the rain and storms. So I made the decision to stay and work from home to avoid the madness of Atlanta traffic.

At one point I looked out my backyard and saw a pool of water, over the next hour this pool got bigger and was something I’ve seen once or twice. I’ve got a backyard which really slopes off so I wasn’t concerned.

An hour later my backyard was under water.

Over the next 9 hours I watched the water rise more and more. It covered my backyard and came up to my basement door. Then it started to come into my basement. At first just an inch but again over time I would see it climb to 24 inches of water.

All in my basement.

I now have 2 feet of water in my basement and about 10 feet in my backyard. I spent most of the day moving stuff from my basement up to my first floor. I hoped to save stuff I had previously placed down there and considered “unimportant”.

It’s amazing what becomes important once you risk losing it.

At one point I grabbed a blue plastic tub which was floating by. It was heavy, extremely heavy. I figured it was water logged, so I popped it open and expected to dump water. Instead I was greeted with 50 or more VHS tapes. 50 VHS tapes which I was supposed to digitize into DVD’s so I could have them later. 50 VHS tapes containing my childhood, my grandfather and family members who are no longer with us. 50 VHS tapes which were now soaking in dirty flood water.

50 VHS tapes I put in my basement because at the time they were unimportant.

I constantly amaze myself with how much stuff I put up with. How much I’m willing to wait for this or that. How I’ll put something off thinking I can do it tomorrow. How I’ll let a friend destroy himself and never do anything to stop it. How I’ll pass on this or that opportunity because it’s not important or because I’m not ready.

When are we ever ready?

I was not ready for the flood waters to come into my house. I was not ready to move a small apartment worth of stuff from my basement to my first floor. I was not ready for the amount of devastation the waters would bring.

But I moved forward and did something about it.

I feel sometimes we don’t take enough risks in life. We get comfortable with our routines. We get comfortable with our stuff, our friendships, our relationships and even our church. We are so busy trying to follow the rules of life, and society and whatever club or group we are with that we miss opportunities.

We go through our life doing exactly what we know to do and watch as opportunities pass us by. Then one day a flood hits and we are forced to act. We are forced to take a new job. To ask the girl out. To stand up for an injustice.

Why do we have to wait for a flood to come before we act?

Psalm 121:7-8 The LORD will keep you from all harm– he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

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  1. Eric, when the tornados came thru Arkansas last year there were people who had video tape and pics that were wet…and I think there is a way to save them, hang on to them and check on the internet and see if they can still be probably know more about this than I do , but don;t give up..I am praying and rooting for you…

  2. Hey buddy! I’m praying for y’all and if I could be there to help I would in a second. When you get straigntened out come out here and you can kick back with Yusuke and I!

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