We All Need Somebody

Pod-Of-Sequioas by Eric Ryan Jones

One thing I’m sure about in life is that we cannot do it alone. From the time we are born until the time we pass away we always need somebody.

We might need a friend to hang out with, or a contractor to fix a leaky roof, or a mentor to guide us through a season in life. We might need a woman (or a man) who can inspire us to either grow up, get over ourselves, or to just become whom we know we can become.

God gives us all kinds of examples of this need and design. We see Jesus having 12 disciples instead of just one or none. We see that each of these disciples paired up with another, when doing mission work. We even see this need for somebody in nature. You always hear about flocks, and pods, and herds and more. But what about other nature needs?

During a recent trip to the Sequoia National Forest & the Mariposa Grove near Yosemite National Forest, I started to notice something.

All the Sequoia’s were in groups.

Here we have the some of the largest trees in the world and they are grouping up like a little click in the forest. It was very rare that I saw just a solitary Sequoia standing all by its lonesome in the woods. Now granted, you could argue that pine trees and other tree’s are just like this and that they are called forests, but this is different. The Sequoia’s were in very close proximity to each other and in a lot of cases you had to look 20 – 30 feet up until you realized they were actually two or 3 trees.

Giant Sequoia’s need somebody, so why do you think you don’t?

Too many times I find myself thinking “I’ve got this”, “I can do it”, “Just give me another minute” and so many other self focused thoughts. This kind of thinking is painfully apparent in my work as I will spend hours on a problem only to have a co-worker look at it and say “You just forgot a semi-colon”. It’s also become more and more apparent in my marriage, and friendships.

Too many times I think I can do everything but end up doing nothing.

I’ve had mentors in the past, small groups in church and even weekly accountability meetings with close and dear friends. All of these activities are important and when I don’t have them I do notice a difference. The other important factor in realizing this is that it’s not just about me but it’s about them as well.

Just because you don’t think you need somebody, doesn’t mean somebody doesn’t need you.

The saddest part about this whole “I can do it  myself” mentality is that you’re not just hurting yourself, but you’re affecting others as well. Either because you’re taking too much time to resolve something, or because you’re just being selfish with your thoughts or actions. When we don’t let others in, we internalize too much and therefore make it too hard for others to feel like they are apart of our lives.

We need to step away from this “I can do it myself” attitude and take a lesson from our friends the Sequoia’s. Life is better with others around you.