Welcome To With Arms High

If you’ve found me from any other means other then my old site Jonese.us then I’d suggest you hop back there and read at least the last post and maybe some of the archive.

Go ahead I’ll wait on you.

Ok now that we’ve got that out of the way let me welcome you to my new adventure. So why am I doing this? What is With Arms High? Why did I shut down my old blog, abandon my jonese twitter account and stop referring to myself as jonese?

Because it’s time. God spent last year really showing me a lot of great things. I had a great year as can be seen by my old posts. But it wasn’t really me. It wasn’t till December of this year that I started to really learn to listen to God, learn his character, and figure out what His will was for me.

Sadly it took another 4 months before I really “got it”.

April, Easter more specifically was a really convicting time of my life. A lot happened in that month which basically slapped me across the face full force. I realized that I was just fooling myself and that I wasn’t fully surrendered to God. I was allowing my agenda, my desires, my wants to out weigh His needs and His plan for me.

I was on the verge of screwing it all up but lucky for me God had different plans.

It took me having some very tough conversations with myself to come to this conclusion. I had a lot of stuff I had to own up to. I had a lot of changes which I was only half ass making. I wasn’t who I wanted to be, and I saw myself making excuses.

So I stopped it. I stopped blogging, I played around with my twitters, I had conversations with God that I hadn’t never had.

I got real. I got convicted. I got intentional. I surrendered.

This is not where I saw myself, honestly I had much different plans. I don’t like everything about where I am but I find great comfort in that. Why? Because I’m not where I want to be, so I must be right where God wants me to be.

Now that is a great way to start a journey…..

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  1. Eric-
    WOW- I will miss Jonese, it's true, but I'm so excited to hear about this new start- getting real, being vulnerable with God, hearing Him. It is fitting that I was reading in 1 Samuel today- The verses of 1 Samuel 10:5-7 ring true of the changes in you. Looking forward to all that is to come with this new start and hearing more about what the Lord is doing, and what He has done. I will continue to be praying for your ministry -V

    1. Thanks Valerie! You are definitely one of my prayer warriors and the best part is I\\'ve never had to ask! Blessings on you girl!

  2. I wish you well in your journey. I too am in a place where I wasn't expecting to be, don't want to be, but I know it's best for me. I've not been able to let God take me and have his way willingly, although He has taken me anyway so I'm trying to live life in the moment…. for now.

    1. Welcome Sandra! Surrender is a hard, tough and at times seemingly impossible task. Stay with it and just let God work on you. He\\'ll break you for sure but that\\'s just so he can rebuild you in a way which will be awesome for you and His kingdom. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

    1. Thanks Scott! We'll have to change the "not knowing me" part. Next time you in Buckhead let me know, i'll buy you a cup of coffee / tea at St. Arbucks 🙂 Thanks for swinging by!

  3. Eric, I'm really excited for you. It is really cool to know that nothing else matters in life except your love for God, then everything else falls into place. As Jeff Foxworthy once said, "All you have to do is love God with all of your heart." Good job man

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