What's Going On Here?!?!

Endless Journey By h.koppdelaney
Endless Journey By h.koppdelaney

This whole transition from “jonese” to Eric Ryan Jones, or just Eric for those of you who don’t want to type a lot, has been interesting to say the least.

I’ve had people upset because they like “jonese”, others who have given standing ovations because they hated “jonese” and well most of you are either just flat out confused or could care less.

Join the party 🙂

I’m just as confused as you are but I do care, I have to because it’s me. I spent 32 years building a brand under the moniker “jonese” and have many, many, many accounts linked to those simple 6 letters. Along with many other emotions and a rich history built around the “idea” of “jonese”.

Am I walking away from 32 years of history? YES! But in a good way. You see our past actions, choices and everything else, determine who we are today. If it wasn’t for my past I would not be where I am today. I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

The key though is to recognize your past and learn from the good and the bad of it all. I have spent the last 6 months on a very difficult journey of self awareness. A lot of that time was spent looking at my past decisions and coming to terms with them.

I am amazed sometimes I can function in society.

Now nothing horrible happened in my past. I’m not some criminal or psychopath who likes to drown puppies in pillow cases. But I still made decisions which caused me to go down paths I probably could have done without.

So what has the past 6 months shown me? Acceptance.

I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am and what I will become. I’ve also discovered I have some serious passions in my life. Get me started on one of these topics and I’ll drop a soap box in front of you and just have at it.

I’m passionate about relationships, which is funny for a single guy. But it’s not just about romantic relationships. No it goes WAY beyond that. I want friends to be better friends and families to be better families. I want people to date with good intentions and with mutual respect for each other. I want strangers to be kinder strangers and co-workers to be better teams.

I want us all to be relationally happy no matter what that relationship looks like.

Even the relationship between Christians and non-Christians is strained and in most cases broken. We all have our opinions on how things should happen and how we should all act etc. We play to stereotypes and are quick to apply labels to everyone around us.

I’m also passionate about communication which if you talk to my ex-wife will probably cause her to pass out in fits of laughter. I admit it. I am a horrible communicator, or at least I used to be horrible, now I’m just not very good. I have certain social environments where I just cannot engage or plug-in to the conversations. Other environments I am all over it and have no problems. Some of my friends find this idea, of me not being a communicator, a foreign idea.

I love those people.

I’m also passionate about authenticity and people just being real with each other. I think we don’t share our struggles enough and we spend too much time giving the “Life is great” answer, when we know deep down it’s falling apart. One of the reasons I love my friends is because they tell me the bad with the good. At first it shocked me and I had no idea how to respond, then I learned something very important.

You DO NOT have to respond!

Sometimes people just want to unload, share their struggles with someone they trust and get real with another human being. This isn’t an invitation for advice. It’s not a cry for help or even a whimper for assistance. It’s an opportunity to bond with someone through our struggles.

Lastly but definitely not the least i am passionate about my Savior Jesus Christ. Now if you suddenly checked out give me a moment. I’m not here to preach to you. I’m not here to tell you as a Christian I’m better then you, in fact I’m probably worse in most ways. I’m not here to convert you or save your soul or force you to feel bad about your decisions in life. I’m just here to share and in my sharing I will bring God, the Bible, and other religious “stuff” into the mix. If I offend you tell me, let’s talk about it.

So that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to share my thoughts on relationships. Try to help myself and you communicate better with those people around you. Most of all though, I’m here to be real, authentic and transparent.

So tell me, what are you passionate about?

2 Replies to “What's Going On Here?!?!”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this!

    Your last two paragraphs spoke volumes to me, I too am passionate about the Lord, I want my life to speak louder than my words, I want to be a real person, living in a real world, reflecting a relationship with the Lord, not breaking out my "spiritual machine guns, but simply being who I am in the Lord!

    I hope that as I continue to walk with the Lord, that I reflect that peace, that rest that comes from that intimacy with him, that He is teaching me to be a better father/grand-father, brother and friend to others.

    One of the main things the Lord has spoken to my heart is to be honest, to be open, to be real and transparent, to be an exhorter, encourager of others, too let them know that we are never without hope.

    Again, thanks for sharing and thanks for being open, honest and real!

    The Mayor of
    Starbucks 🙂

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