When You Should But You Don’t, But You Should

Be A Light.com

Three years ago in February of 2007 I bought the domain BeALight.com. It wasn’t a random purchase and I didn’t buy it via the normal means. No I had to hunt down the seller of the domain and make an offer, go through escrow and then transfer it over to my domain provider of choice. I did all this because I felt God putting a mission on my heart and blessing me with a vision for something awesome.

Here we are April of 2011 and guess what. I still own the domain name but I’ve not moved forward with the vision at all. Sure I’ve had little sparks of motivation here and there. I’ve made progress in some areas and I’ve done some work only to discover that wasn’t the right path. I’ve spent some more money in order to get things incorporated, to buy some software, and other various things.

But it’s still not done.

This wasn’t my vision. This wasn’t something I thought I should do. It was something God gave me. He provided the money for the domain, the idea in my head, and so many other aspects. He led me through many meetings where I took criticism which seemed simple to extreme, all leading to one simple thought.

This is an awesome idea.

So why haven’t I finished it. Why is it just sitting out there not DOING anything. Well I could come up with a lot of excuses and point to a lot of reasons such as software, funding, business processes, and even blame legal, political and government institutions. But when I sort through all these reasons, and I begin to really look at the why not’s of the project, I’m left with one bold conclusion.

I’m the reason it hasn’t been completed.

Even to this day I get friends ask me how the project is going. I tell them it’s moving along slowly and give them some reasons things haven’t progressed or provide reasons (aka excuses) why it’s not completed. But again I am the reason it’s not done. I haven’t taken the time to really push through and make it happen. Things I would say I needed have been provided and I’m still not moving forward on it.

What stops us when we know we should, but don’t?

I can point to a lot of things. Fear, insecurities, lack of resources and more. But all these things really are just excuses. I mean seriously I’ve been given something which I know is not of my design and which was blessed from the start and I’ve not acted fully on it.

So what do I do?

Shut-up and do it. Seriously it’s that simple. I can continue to write about it. Continue to think about how to avoid all the problems which WILL arise, or  I can just do it.

Sometimes in life we need to not worry about what is coming down the road. We don’t need to worry about if something will succeed or fail because in the end if we tried then we succeeded. We might not have achieved the task or goal we set out for initially but we did learn something about that thing we tried and we can now shift our path and try again or come at it from a completely different angle.

I constantly tell people about the Thomas Edison quote where he says he found a thousand ways to NOT make a light bulb before he found the one way TO make a light bulb. I use this to inspire them to not give up, to press on, and to see their dreams to a reality.

I think it’s time I stop inspiring others and start inspiring myself.

** It’s funny how God can work if we pay attention. Before posting this blog today I’m reading my Google Reader feeds and come across this great post by Eric Dye. Hit me right where it counts and reaffirms everything written above! **