Wisdom In The Clouds

Clouds By Josh Booth
Clouds By Josh Booth

So I am sitting in my hammock swinging away and enjoying a little time with God. It’s a beautiful day but it’s early afternoon and the sun is really beating down on me. So being the sometimes selfish guy I can be, I shout up a little prayer to God for some cloud cover.

There are a ton of clouds around me, so I just asked him to blow a few of the bigger ones over the sun for me.

So picture this.

Here I am swinging back and forth, without a care in the world helping God direct clouds over the sun. Man do I have same gall!

Well I was just sure God would help me because I was sure someone else out there needed the shade as well. So I’m pointing out big clouds, long clouds, even thin clouds. Now God being as awesome as He is moves some of those clouds over the sun for me.

But like most of us I am not happy with just a cloud every once I awhile. I start to get a little jealous because I see all these large clouds floating to the left and right of the sun. But, as I am looking down the path I assumed the clouds were rolling from, all I saw was blue sky coming toward the sun.

A few minutes go by and I am looking up at the sun in a total sweat, just as a cloud starts to cover the sun. I smile really big and start to laugh at myself as God has just totally schooled me!

You see I was looking in one direction, say East, for clouds and directing them over the sun using my point of view. Little did I know God was blowing the clouds from the opposite direction! This whole time I thought I was in ‘control’, well as much as can be assumed by someone like me, and God was still doing His thing.

He was blessing me with shade but instead of it coming from the direction I expected it to, it was coming from behind me!

This got me to thinking about how maybe other aspects of my life I am looking one way for blessings, and while I am being blessed, the best of them are coming from the opposite direction! If only I would turn around and face the direction God wants me to instead of my own perception of the correct direction!

Perception is an amazing thing but it’s only really amazing when you are looking in the right direction!

So tell me are you facing in the direction of your perception or Gods?

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